PCS work throughout the night?


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Checked the status of my order last night and it was in the building stage, checked my emails this morning I recieved an email at 6:47am saying its entered the testing and configuration process, thought it was kind of weird haha. I looked at the status page just now and it's in QC :D

Either way I'm getting pretty excited now :p


at this time of year we do. Its our busiest period and our only goal is to get orders out in time for christmas.


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Order 425027:

I certainly hope so too. Quoting a building time of 10-12 days and not being able to meet that is not acceptable. If you're not able to do so you should change the estimates on the build page - perhaps to change depending if the machine is overclocked etc.

My machine being overclocked is the only possible reason I can think of which is causing this delay. AND I SINCERELY HOPE ITS AT 5Ghz TOO - as hitting 5Ghz on the i7 2700k with aircooling (although i ordered the coolit liquid kit) is childsplay.

Processed Date 02-11-2011
Pre-Production Date 08-11-2011
Build Date 14-11-2011
Test Date 18-11-2011

This machine is supposed to be on as a priority order so I could make beta testing this weekend. Luckily the beta has been moved to next weekend instead, but now i am seriously concerned about receiving this PC (which i'm starting to wish i built myself) before next weeks test...

I've been speaking and noticed a couple of people who ordered similar specs to me, at the same time or afterwards, receiving confirmation that their machines are being despatched.

I'm not impressed with the delay and lack of updates.

After speaking with your support this morning, I was told what I already know 'it's in testing' (which is just as well as it was sat there for 4 days waiting to go in to testing!) . I'm now told that I should* get it late next week...... Although, I have already been told that a couple of times now. Customer support last informed me that mid last week was looking good for despatch.

Sorry PCS, but I was really looking forward to doing a youtube unboxing and review of PCS. Right now im struggling to think of any positives other than a good website, and Rick on the live chat.

One disappointed customer, especially paying £1460 you'd expect some better service - especially seeing as you 'have people working through the night'..........


first off, we dont quote 10-12 days. we quote 10-12 working days. Right now yours is on 12 working days. We also state that is approx, and orders can take a little longer than this or be a little quicker. If you want me to explain approx or working days in any more detail I am happy to.

If you wanted it by a deadline then you should have ordered fast track. YOUR ORDER ISNT DELAYED. It is perfectly reasonable for it to take this long and possibly a few days more given that at the point of ordering you were told 'Build Time Standard Build - Approximately 10 to 12 working days'. There are a million posts on this forum explaining the ordering procedure and waiting times and working days and fast track. I suggest you take note.

Andf finally, when you ordered you also agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract of sale which allow us upto 30 days to provide your order. It wont take this long, thay rarely do. but you have really jumped the gun with your very negative post even when we have done nothing wrong with regards to the delivery of your order. The forums are there to glean adice of others and provide others with help and useful information, but not here for you to moan about things not being fair because others have recieved thier order and you have not. You have ordered an overclocked machine and they do test for a while longer. Employ a little patience and good things will come to those who wait.

A reapeat of last years post below:-

When you place your order it is at the bottom of the pile, in terms of the queue to be built. From the moment your order starts processing it is moving up the queue to be built. However during this time we carry out things such as fraud checks. We also make sure we have the parts for your order, and order them if not.

We keep most items in stock, but there will always be a couple of components that are in constraint. Components that have just been released for example. This can affect a particular orders delivery time. Once all this has been done, then your order enters pre-production. The time taken until your order enters pre-production is largely determined by how busy we are. Please note that the approx lead time that you are provided with when ordering is approximate. This time frame is determined by the average time it has taken to dispatch deliveries over the ast two months. Most orders will still be dispatched within this advertised window but it is not guaranteed, it is just a indicator. Some orders will be dispatched earlier than this, and some will take longer.

Pre-production means that all processing of your order, fraud , stock check is complete and your order has been printed by the spec picker (the guy who physically picks the stock of the shelves to be built). Again, this can be a waiting game while your order sheet moves up the pile. Once the sheet is at the top, it is picked and built. The whole process is very fluid, and actual lead times can change daily. We only have a set number of staff, so a surge in orders will will cause the lead time to grow, while a quiet week will see it shorten.

As stated above the last few weeks have been extremely busy, which is feeding through to the lead time advertised. A few weeks ago it was 6-8 working days and is now 9-12 or something like that. Traditionally this period of the year right up until Christmas only gets busier, so I would expect the lead time could still grow.
Please however rest assured that we do all we can in such busy periods to deliver your order as quickly as possible. I understand it is a frustrating period waiting for your dream machine.

During busy times such as these we get the team working overtime to keep the lead time down as much as possible. What we cannot do is simply go out and employ more staff on a whim because we have had a busy few weeks. The reason why we are so competitive on price is because we are very efficient and keep overheads down. We have to strike a steady balance on staff numbers because it is not busy week in week out all year round. There are traditional quiet periods.

For those customers who require a PC urgently then there is the fast track service. All checks are done immediately and your order goes straight to the top of the pile.
Finally, I would ask all customers to be patient. Remember the less staff we have to use answering emails and taking phone calls regarding status of order the more staff we can use in production building and testing your computers. If your order is taking longer than you expected then there is a reason for this and you can rest assured it has not been forgotten, but it just simply means we are busy.
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Ok Maestro, I'm not out to bust balls but thanks for the somewhat sarcastic reply. At least it was timely, unlike leaving a msg on live chat (which I've not once had a reply to), or email (48+ hrs later).

At present I'm on the 13th working day, not 12, and being told it'll likely be Thurs next week makes that 16/17 days. Now being told it's on priority and that making absolutely no or in fact the opposite affect doesn't really give me a lot of confidence when I'm told it'll be next week.

In terms of fast track I actually phoned up your offices once I placed the order, and was told no fast track service was available.... otherwise I would have paid for it, clearly.

Fair enough, I haven't been put off ordering from you again, but next time I would lessen my high expectations (from the reviews I've seen). I look forward to hopefully receiving it next week.

Finally I'm aware of what the forums are for, and where able, have been contributing to help others who are perhaps less up-to-date with ever moving technology. My reason for trying via the forum, well, 'timely, unlike leaving a msg on live chat (which i've not once had a reply to), or email (48+ hrs later)'.


i will look into livechat. as far as i was aware we do not answer any messages left on livechat as this feature should be turned off. Livechat is also just an advice line for pre-sales enquiries, not tracking.

emails are stacked up, but that is just the time of year. We are working through them but as i said above, if we take more staff away from production to simply answer emails then you will be waiting longer for your pc. Best way, is to log into your account and send a message directly to order tracking.


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I think the term pre-production might lead to a misunderstanding as I thought it was the time before the machine was actual built but then reading it, it seems like the time while your machine is being built.

Anyways my services was actual good, at first I thought I wouldnt be getting my laptop till maybe next month, however now I think ill get it on monday, it suddenly just zoomed pass all the stages.

Processed Date 06-11-2011
Pre-Production Date 08-11-2011
Build Date 18-11-2011
Test Date 18-11-2011
Awaiting Dispatch Date 18-11-2011
Dispatch Date 18-11-2011


Quit your jiba jaba, Manxjason! I'm spending £2500 and mine was ordered on the 3rd and it's now the 24th. :) It's killin' me! I'm still at the pre-production stage waiting for a sound card, LOL


Why don't you just let them build it, and connect the sound card in yourself later? That's what I did on my last order.


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Im only on my 8th day and mines in QC, so far i cant fault PCS, maybe be tempting fate but all prise to the workers of PCS