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I was all prepared, I had searched reviews on the internet, and Dell seemed to offer a laptop that looked suited to my needs; however I had one pre-sales question that required an answer regarding what ports were on the machine ... that's where the problem was. A simple phone call (I thought) turned out to be a game of pass the parcel and I was the parcel; 4 transfers later I decided already that their support was rubbish and a search for "Dell Customer Service Reviews" confirmed this !

Back to the drawing board in Google and I discovered a link to PCSpecialist ... searched the reviews 16,000 + and a 9.4 out of 10 rating (thanks Trust Pilot). I phoned PCSpecialist and was pleased to discover it was a UK call centre and the staff were very helpful, that was enough to confirm I should give them a try. With the help of the support technician I specced my laptop and after refining it I placed an order the next day. About 10 days later it arrived and eager to get going I started it up ... it wouldn't connect to the internet; a call to PCSpecialist and this was soon remedied by the removal of BullGuard.

I have been using my Laptop for around a month now and it has been excellent, quick to start, performs well and seems sturdy ... I must love it, because I have already placed another order for a new desktop PC for my mum.

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First off, welcome to the fora! :)

I don't work for PCS, few of the contributors on here do, and this isn't an official support channel so PCS staff might not see your kind words for a while. Welcome to the family of happy PCS customers!

There are a large number of very knowledgeable people on here, all enthusiasts and all PCS customers. If you have any questions, issues, problems, or advice to give, do please post here.



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Thank you for the welcome :),

I haven't had a custom PC made for me since the 1990's so this was a leap of faith for me, but I wasn't disappointed. Despite being a software developer for many years I never really found a desire to get in and do it all myself when it comes to hardware :-D.

Hopefully this will be a great source should I get any problems ... which I am sure that I won't :)