Perseid Meteor Shower


The BSOD Doctor
I was up in the Lasithi mountains again last night (1275m) for the peak of the Perseids. In four hours I captured 8 meteors on the camera. I used a tripod mounted Canon Powershot GX7 MkII (so not a terribly expensive camera) with it's max aperture of f1.8 and the longest available shutter speed of 30s, the ISO setting was 800. I did have it manually focused at infinity but I fear I may have disturbed that at one point, it didn't seem to matter though. I used the self-timer in the camera on its custom setting so it took 10 (the max) exposures with a 1s (the min) gap between them. I was shooting in RAW mode so there was an additional 15s or so of 'dead time' whilst the image was written to the card. Post processing was done with Corel Aftershot Pro and I'm not claiming that this couldn't have been done any better, I'm sure it could. :)

I actually wasn't prepared for how feint some of the meteor trials are on the camera, ISO 1600 might have been a better choice, anyway these are the three best ones...




BTW. It's hot on Crete in August, it was 27C at sea level when we set off (9pm) but at 1275m it was only 14C and there was a stiff (and cold) NW wind blowing up there. Long trousers, woolly jumper, AND fleece - on Crete - in August - unbelievable.
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