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Great airflow, great design.

Would buy here instantly if this case was one of the options:

Now considering buying it and sending it to you guys. The only other option is otherwise the Coolermaster mesh rgb.

This one is a great, less pricey alternative:

Both reviewed very positively by Gamers Nexus on youtube and top cases for airflow.

Been looking everywhere to find builds where these cases would be an option to pick and only found one place where I can get the build I want with one of these cases.


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I’ve built in a P400A dRGB and i wouldn’t recommend it. Can’t mount an aio in the roof, the panels are annoying to remove and it’s airflow design gets a lot more dusty than a corsair airflow case. Also, it can’t mount a 360mm rad with hoses at the bottom and it is very easy to hit the reset button.