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Photography and filming techniques


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this is actually really cool, more images in link

"Pierre-Louis Ferrer is a professional French photographer specialized in infrared and ultraviolet photography for ten years now. he spend a large part of his free time experiencing and testing new filters and equipment to see behind the visible. His work is mostly divided between artistic photography, dermatologic photography for cosmetic brands, and infrared photography workshops in Paris."

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If you want to get into IR (infrared) photography, I remember that the D70 (although an ancient DSLR) if you can find an old one, was one of the better sensors for converting to IR, which is a one way process, no going back! 6MP might seem small, but I used a D70 for most of my work in 2007-2009 and printed up to A2 and even A3 and for web it's more than ample.

You can get a D70 right now for £40 from CeX and the tools needed to convert this camera to infrared are fairly easy to get hold and the process with this particular DSLR is probably the simplest way to get into it. You can do it yourself or send it to a specialist to have it modified.

I've basically just talked myself into doing this! Infrared photography is beautiful and surreal, but you'll want to shoot the right subject matter - and as a clue foliage and skies work well as you can see in the example and the linked article. You can do alternative portraiture though, I'd love to experiment with it!

Don't be fooled by the fact the photographer featured uses an IR filter, as you also need a modified camera to achieve IR photography. There is quite simply no other way, which is what also makes it quite unique.