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Taken this picture of a Rainbow, and used photoshop to try to enhance the image and draw the eyes towards the rainbow.



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Tbh, i'm more interested i that bus over yonder, is it a 'first' bus service? :p The roads look very southern to me! :p


I've just recently got hold of a copy of the latest PS CS5 Extended whatsit and unsuprisingly I am completely clueless! XD


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Hey crawlerbasher! Your planet image looks really nice...but.. I think you've got the lighting wrong. If you look at the buildings and objects in the photo and where the light hits and shadows fall, you've actually got it doing the opposite on the planet. Perhaps just something to bear in mind next time.

3d work looks cool.


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hey, nice work!

Its subtle but still effective...

i'm always messing around in photoshop...its like my primary work/hobby...

here's one i did recently for anouther forum... Minas Tirith in London!


This kinda stuff never gets old for me...

i'll see what kinda tutorials i may have bookmarks lying around for... my bookmarks need a good tidy up anyway. :)


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There are some really nice tutorials here:

I've found the best way to learn is to follow a tutorial and then having done it with the aid of the tutorial go back and see if you can produce similar results without it, then try to come up with some original ways of using the techniques. Having said that I'm not that good and have still a long way to go!!

One of my recent attempts:


Another site I really like is this one:

Not a photoshop site but has some great resources for using in photoshop projects.