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Ever since I was a young man, I've played the silver ball. Apart from the period between ages 12 and 27 when I stopped going to arcades on holiday and discovered The Pinball Arcade on Steam respectively.

And now I've got into it a bit heavily. Whenever I go anywhere, out comes my phone and onto Pinside I log to find what tables are open for public consumption nearby. And now I've got myself tickets to the South Coast Slam in Worthing this weekend.

So then, fellow PCSers, what's your favourite and least favourite pinballs, and why?

My favourite's got to be either Black Knight 2000 or Cirqus Voltaire. The former for its epic music and hammy voiceovers and lightning-fast play and the latter for being OUTRIGHT INSANE. I also had the opportunity to play a very well turned out Dracula in Leicester recently after a job interview out there and although difficult it had some excellent features.

Least favourite? Twilight Zone. Overly complicated, drain monster, never really found it that engrossing. Heresy, I know, but them's the breaks.

John Dancer

Simpsons Pinball and Eight Ball are my favorite ones, i am kind of addicted to them once i start to play them so i have to limit my time with them. I used to travel to Blackpool from Burnley during the weekdays and weekends just to play the simpsons one, i had to stop because i was becoming too obsessed with them , that was over 20 years ago.