Please excuse my ignorance


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On the front of the Trigon case there are 2 silver round buttons the top one (the bigger one) is the On/Off switch what is the smaller one please - it has 2 triangles facing each other.
Also please what is the light above this small round button showing.....the other light above this and below the big round button shows the machine is on...hope I'am I making sense!!
I'm not going MAD i could not find the answer in any of the paperwork I received and last night my Wife pressed the bottom button by mistake and she thought the Internet was much slower loading.
Thanks for your help


It is a soft reset button. The main power button will turn your pc off, and it will stay off, and it will also turn your pc on. The small button underneath, will power donw your pc, and it will restart. It will not turn your pc on.