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We all love discussing and helping with new builds, getting a new system is a very exciting time.... but it's also daunting. We see a ton of the same queries being made along with people going down similar rabbit holes when it comes to making certain choices. Rather than getting fed up and copying/pasting the same information each time I thought I would collate some of our most relevant information to your build. That way, when people want to help they can direct you here..... or maybe you found your way here first by taking some time to look (in which case, cudos).

What we need from you :-

When you ask for advice we will ALWAYS need to know the following information. When posting it, if you could include this it would make a world of difference to us. Similar to posting your spec below, you will have far more interested parties taking the time to get involved in your thread if you take the time to offer the information required. Put simply, help us to help you. This information typically includes:

Monitor - Model or Resolution AND refresh rate. If you don't have one, what is the budget you have for one?
Uses - What is the system for. Is it just gaming? What about VR? Streaming? Video processing?
Budget - We need to know where to spend and where to cut back. Some items are more important than others so knowing the margins we have to work within we can will always try to accommodate your budget.

And now for the important reading:-

Posting your Spec to the forum - This will save us all sooooo much time that you are far more likely to get more responses if you do this correctly. I cannot emphasise how important this is to get hits.

Desktop Building Guide - This is a LARGE post that gives deep insight into the reason behind choosing components. It is a great read and pretty much an education on how we come about suggesting the items that we do. It's a thought process.

Do I need a 3080? - This thread looks at the massive overshooting that customers tend to do as they get caught up in the headlines of a GPU launch. The world is all about balance, a system is no different. Pairing the monitor with the GPU/system makes all the difference to your wallet and allows you to buy improved shiny things in the future without the sour taste of having wasted a ton the last time.

Many thanks
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