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Poor performance in origin games?

Paddy Baxter

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Just signed up to EA play specifically to play Jedi Fallen order and BFV. Unfortunately just spent the morning trying to run them properly on my Recoil IV laptop with a 2070 Super, with no joy. GPU usage is in the 60’s with both games running at 50-70 FPS and 50-90 FPS respectively. Just at work now so can’t try any troubleshooting but a google search didn’t really reveal any solutions other than disabling the overlay. All other games outside origin are working perfectly. Been watching some YouTube videos of these games as reference and lower tier systems are tanking mine. Must be something simple?


The BSOD Doctor
Can you post the FULL specs from your order please? That way everyone can see exactly what build they're looking at. :)

Paddy Baxter

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On my phone here and not sure how to copy from my order page but I’ll do it when I get home. It’s the current Recoil IV 15 inch model with 10875h and 2070 super with 2x8gb 2666 ram and a 512 PCs ssd and 1 tb sabrent rocket ssd. If that’s any use. Just testing the water to see if it was a wide spread issue anyone had fixed previously.

and yea I think it is included with game pass but it’s only 19.99 for the year


I took advantage of Microsoft's 1:1 Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate for £1 offer some time ago.

It was pure chance that I'd just stocked up my Live account to the full 3 years ;)

Still got a couple of year's left...


thanks for the help 😂
Got it sorted there it was background recording on the Xbox gamebar that seems to dislike origin games for some reason. Just disabled it and I’m 80-100 FPS in Star Wars now

A Microsoft product disliking an EA Games product? :eek: Whod have thunk it given they are now working closely together...clearly they didn't think of everything :ROFLMAO: