portable computer suitcase

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well, yes, it kind of is really,

so cool,

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@Martinr36 That cable management is triggering for sure.

@Tron1982 The system does look easier to move about, no need to hit the gym before lifting thats for sure.

However it would be epic to turn up to a lan party with this system it would sure break necks.
"I'm sorry Sir, you'll have to check that into the hold" 😱
I had that scenario when the airlines reduced their overhead locker bag sizing, so that my iMac and it's specialist carrier no longer fitted into their baggage cages near the check-in desks.

Ended up just blagging and getting away with it most of the time.

It was much more difficult before i bought the iMac, as I used to cart a 'cheese-grater' Mac Pro and 30" Apple Cinema Display around!