possible gpu probelms?


bought the card not so long ago but from amazon as i wanted it quick. i am just curious if this is a problem.

tearing? was just browsing the pc section (make your own) and notice as i was moveing the cases along the a certain part of the image depending where the cases where on my screen. its approximately 40% from the top of the screen that i notice the image is not aligned properly. top part of the cases are 1-4mm away from the bottom until i stop scrolling (grabbing the bar and moving it). it happens every single time.

what yas reckon?

i just want some advice.

seems it must be the internet as i just ran a score test on furmark and never saw a tear at all. i get so worried as im skint and cant afford another new gpu lol. need my games
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Sounds like a browser issue. Furmark is about as heavy a stress test you can do on the GFX card, if that doesn't show any issues, you're in the clear.