Power-A MOGA controller


This is sort of Phone, sort of gaming related.

Not sure if you guys have heard of it/them, but Power-A make a collection of controllers that connect via Bluetooth to your mobile phone.

I picked up a few free games (Dead Trigger 2, ShadowGun: DeadZone, Asphalt 8) for my HTC One and was amazed how good the graphics are but was getting a bit frustrated with the touch screen controls. Found the MOGA Pocket (Amazon £19.99) and thought I'd give it a go.

Its brilliant. The analogue sliders are effectively a D-pad so its hard to get fluid movements but for me its so much better. It also opens up the screen so you don't have your thumbs blocking any of the action. Battery life is good and Bluetooth isn't draining my phone either. I had read the app that comes with it is buggy and booting games through the app leads to issues, but once you're set up you don't need it, as long as the games support controllers (check beforehand), the controller is recognised by the game. Im loading games outside the app just fine. Button configs are fairly standard so you won't be floundering around, some games let you change them anyway.

They have released a couple of new models in America (HERO) which will be here soon hopefully. Offering better analogue sticks and rechargable battery amongst other things. I can see myself getting the newer model and passing the Pocket on to my bro. But I do like how compact the Pocket is, easy to carry around. They do a PRO version which is effectively a full blown controller, but you kind of lose that portability, its not for me, but if you're majorly into your gaming, might suit.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it and definitely recommend one to anyone who likes to do some gaming on their mobile.

Available for Apple and Android phones.

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