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PowerGlide Extreme: Silent Fan?


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I recently purchased a PowerGlide Extreme AIO PC from PCS. Everything is working great, however the fan is quite loud - probably not for other people but if I try to record audio using a mic, there is a noticable hum in the background.

Can you recommend any replacement silent fans that are compatible with this AIO?


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If you open up the case you should be able to find the diameter of the fan written on it somewhere, or it might even be written on the website/a call to PCS and they will tell you. Any silent fan with the same diameter will do the trick I'd imagine :)


I'd definitely get in touch with PCS for advice on a new fan, if its merely an air intake fan you'll probably be ok swapping it over for a silent model but obviously if its a component cooling fan you might find that it gets much hotter with a more silent fan (As they typically spin slower) of course, you could simply find a better quality quieter fan, but I'd still doubt it would be as quiet as the silent types.


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what steaky said, give PCS a call.

I have a feeling it may be a gpu or cpu fan tht is making the noise... which makes its kinda hard to replace... cpu fan may be changeable depending on the cpu cooler/space available...but if its from the GPU you wont be able to change anything.