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Pre-Overclocked PC - What happens on BIOS upgrade/reset?


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Thinking of buying one of the pre-overclocked Computers but I was wonder what will happen for example if a BIOS update is performed, or maybe the BIOS needs reset for some reason...
Is the Overclock lost and will need to be re-done manually? Or has the default BIOS configuration in ROM actually been updated with the settings - so it would stick through updates and restarts?



The BIOS should not really be touched and is highly unlikely to need an update. Although updates do come out it is very rare that you will need to do it and things will run fine as originally configured. If there are issues and an update is needed, you should always contact PCS for advice and guidance to ensure your warranty stays intact.

When PCS do your overclock they save the profile in your personal area of their website so if you do ever need it again, you can just log in and reload it.