Problems of fixing my desktop during start up.


I kinda half fixed it... It wouldn't start up at the most random of times, it would get past the windows loading screen then goes black.

Anyway I had a fiddle about and realised that everytime it seemed to screw up, it was because there is a USB drive slotted in, wither its my 360 controller or a USB Flash Drive for my Uni work. So I ASSUME its because my P.C thinks it should boot up from my USB drives and not from the P.C.

Is there any way of getting around it, if so, how?


The Awesome
If you go into the bios, ie. when you get the motherboard screen press F8, Del or whatever button it says to press to get into the bios.

In there you will be able to set the boot priority, it's probably best to do it with the USB thing plugged in at the time cos then you can set it lower than the hard drive in the priority list