PSA, mouse getting stuck in a particular axis during use


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Ok, so I'm still rocking an original Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 mouse, think I bought it in 2010 shortly after its release, it's far too old, the logical thing would just be to accept its fate and get a modern mouse.

But I'm not ready for that, I can't bear myself to part with this thing, this was back in the days where ADDING weight to gaming mice was all the rage!

But it's fully customisable as well in length, width, weight, it's just an incredible mouse.

Now I've had an issue, moreso on Windows 11 where the mouse seems to get locked into the vertical axis, so if you're moving left or right, it simply moves up and down instead. A reboot tends to fix it.

I was thinking the sensor was on the way out.

BUT, it may be down to modern power settings on Windows 10 and 11, specifically on the USB ports that messes with the older sensors.

If you're experiencing similar symptoms try the following:

Search for "Power Options" (In windows 11 it returns "edit power plan", in windows 10 it takes you to power options

Go to Change Advanced Power Settings

Scroll to USB Settings, then USB Selective Suspend, and make sure that's disabled.

Fingers crossed, may correct the issue.

This setting is more aimed at laptops anyway, it's not so relevant on a desktop, it can cause quite a number of issues, I'm realising it tends to be best to have it disabled.