PSU Question.


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When i was speccing my pc i decided to skip adding a gpu as i had no real use for it, i did however up my PSU so i could accomodate one in the future.

Now im tempted by some of the latest games coming out, and have started to look at the latest GPU offerings.

My problem is that i put in a 450W PSU thinking i should be able to upgrade to a mid range GPU in a year or so in order to do some light gaming.

I have my eye on the gtx 560Ti, which accoring to PCS uses 180W of power. When i re build my system in the configurator it says i should upgrade the PSU as it potentialy could use up to 470W with a 20% margin.

My build notes say my pc as it is now could use 254W so if i add the 180 to that would leave me just about ok.

What do you guys think as i have no experiance in this area at all.


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Dodgy ground with a 450W PSU, but you should, just about, be okay. The configurator massively over estimates, using the official max power consumption figures (which are always way higher than they are in reality) and then adds on 20%. Without the 20% you'd be on 375W which is high, but not critical.


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I tried running my old AMD Athlon XP2800+, 2HDDs, 4GB RAM and a 7600GS on my old desktop before... the thing died on me due to the 450W PSU I had. IMO, though the estimator does run high, it pays to be safer than sorry. Of course, bearing in mind that higher wattage = higher bills.

To be safe I'd put in a 600W PSU if you want to run any medium range card. Especially if it requires an external power supply not from the motherboard.


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I suspected it would be tight, and obviously its better to be safe than sorry.

On the plus side, if the PSU is coming out anyway i might just be able to stretch to a 570.

Thanks alot guys.


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if you are currently going to use the 600W non-branded, i recommend getting the 650W Corsair one, they are much more reliable, and will give you a lot of headroom for the future


There are other brands that are good for psu's as well not only corsiar. Some of Antec psu are good, Seasonic and Enermax would also be a good choice as well as XFX

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