Psychology - Don't you just love how the brain works?


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I've always been intrigued by human psychology. My brain is extremely logic based and analytical. My background is engineering but in all honesty I think I was born an engineer as I just have a curious mind on how things work. This has never been purely limited to mechanical objects though, I've always had an interest in the human brain as well.

Now, with everything else I do.... I fly by the seat of my pants in all of this. I'm not learned, book smarts has never been my thing so I tend to just rely on raw cognitive horsepower. My friend on the other hand, has a degree in the subject. It leads to great conversations between us and general ponderings. She has found me to be surprisingly well versed and quotes long names of people to me who had similar theories and assessments.

Anyway, enough about that...... as it's always been in me I always push things and do mini-social experiments. I would walk around the factory shop floor wearing white tracksuit bottoms, a white t-shirt and a white cap. Everyone else was wearing boiler suits and blending in...... I was sticking out like an absolute sore thumb. One day I was feeling particularly narcissistic so I stuck my headphones on and was standing in front of my machine without even as much as safety glasses on. After a while one of my mates came over and asked me how on earth I get away with it. One of the very, very, senior managers was walking down the isle.... spotted me.... paused.... then just walked off.

I concluded that there were a couple of reasons for this:

He took one look at me and thought there's just no way he is assessing this situation correctly as it would be diabolical for a young lad to be so belligerent as to be operating a vertical boring machine, at full speed, with his headphones on bopping his head with no safety glasses.

He just thought he was loosing it and moved on.

I absolutely loved trying to ponder how someone's mind would work with that. A robot would have came up and immediately challenged me on my behaviour but a person seemed to struggle because what I was doing was so off the wall it actually broke some sort of cognitive function in the witness.

I always pushed boundaries in that role, managers really didn't know how to handle me as I was pretty good at what I done but a royal pain in the butt with how I went about it sometimes.


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I was reading this scientif article this night and this morning to write a part of my thesis, you may find it interessting ^^