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Hi, well im thinking about ordering a pc from PCs in the future, however i do have one small question. in the FAQ it says that collection is possible but im curious as to how. I live about 30-40 minutes away from the PCs headquarters, so to speak, and i'd much rather drive there myself to pick the PC up when it's completed, than wait 2-3 weeks for some delivery company to finally get around to delivering it, only to find it's been bashed around in the van! I'm not entirely certain how to go about this though. I'm not ordering the PC right this second, but within the next 2-3 weeks i probably will be and i can't see an option for "collection" when im building it on the website.


I think you have to request it, but they have allowed collection in the past so I would assume they will still. It's also still in the FAQ

Delivery is typically next day though although it's not as quick as collection obviously :).

As Keynes suggested, give them a call! :)


Take them a tin of Quality Street and ask nicely and they may even let you have a look around. Give them some notice though, so they have time to sort out the :clover: 'Hot Room' :clover:



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Hah, thanks guys. I probably will give them a call in a few weeks when im actually ordering it. I just got worried when i didn't see the "collect" option while building.


After you order online, you can opt for collection instead of delivery. To do so, open your account and click on "Show" in your "View and track orders" section. Then, at the bottom you'll find various options including collection and late delivery.

Obviously (or not?), if you intend to opt for collection you need to select free "standard delivery" when you order. The option will only appear after submitting your order.
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