Ram comparability error message?


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When I try to add 2 x 16gb 6000mhz ram sticks to my build I get this message, 1 32gb 6000mhz stick doesn’t show the message. Is this an error or are 2 sticks incompatible with asus motherboards?


Had the same with an Asus board and 2 x 32gb 6000MHz RAM. Had to switch to a Gigabyte board (not exactly a massive issue), but worth checking as I'd be surprised if Asus haven't addressed issues through BIOS updates


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It is as the message says - the configuration is not compatible and therefore PCS wont build it for you to then only have issues later on down the line. They will have tested various configurations to be happy to sell such builds and currently certain configs of RAM with the Asus motherboards are not possible due to issues, have not yet been tested by PCS or have failed various tests.