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Bright Spark
and i doubt anyone knows it but i can hope.Does anyone know (Or know how i could find out) who made any of the chelsea fc logos? (Prefferably all of them) as i need it for shcool but ive been looking for ages and cant find out who made them :S


This is the best I could find atm.

The Chelsea logo was originally a simple "CFC" and (embarrassingly for some) one of an old pensioner.
This was changed in the 1950s by Ted Drake who wanted to modernise the club's image. Soon the club used
the now famous image of the lion holding a staff which is the Earl of Cadogan's coat of arms.

The official club badge at the time contained a blue lion rampant holding a golden crozier against a white
background. The lion is derived from the arms of Earl Cadogan. The crozier was that of the Abbot of
Westminster whose jurisdiction extended over Chelsea. Three roses and two footballs in gold encircle the top
of the badge.

In the mid 1980s Le Coq Sportif decided to change the crest to a lion sitting on top of CFC lettering which was
not popular with Chelsea fans, as it looked too similar to Millwall's crest.

In 2005 Chelsea reverted to the old lion crest, with some amendments as the club was not willing to
pay the Earl of Cadogan for the rights to use the old badge. The majority of Chelsea fans prefer this new
badge to the "CFC" one from the 80s, but all would prefer a return to the old Chelsea lion.

lil more reading here.
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Bright Spark
Yeah ive read that and every other link on google lol xD,Been looking for ages lol.
Thanks anyway though and if you get any more info its all appricitaed :)


Bright Spark
Still havent found anything lol,I thought it would be quite easy finding out who made a pretty famous logo :S