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Ho comprato questo notebook equipaggiato con i7 9750 e gtx 1660ti. circa un mese fa, inizialmente mi sono trovato bene ma nel normale utilizzo ho notato alcuni problemi,
l'alimentatore si surriscalda tantissimo e negli ultimi tempi sopratutto mentre gioco capita che non riesca a mantenere la carica della batteria. Talvolta smette proprio di caricare ed esaurisce la batteria in pochissimo tempo con evidenti cali di framerate.
facendo vari test sulla cpu ho notato che non raggiunge mai la frequenza do boost sul singolo core, si ferma al massimo 4.2ghz con un core e per poco tempo poi comincia a calare rapidamente fino ad assestarsi a circa 3.6ghz. se eseguo i test su tutti i core è stabile a 4ghz (frequenza corretta) per i primi 20secondi poi nuovamente cala a circa 3.4ghz... tutto questo si nota bene anche durante le sessioni di gioco, si nota un calo di frame evidente. tutti questi test sono stati effettuati naturalmente con l'alimentatore collegato.
Niente da dire sulla scheda video, funziona egregiamente.
Al momento sono fuori per lavoro ma penso che appena rientro lo restituisco o lo mando in assistenza.



Hi and welcome to the forums.

I don't speak Italian I'm afraid so I used Google Translate:

I bought this notebook equipped with i7 9750 and gtx 1660ti. about a month ago, initially I felt good but in normal use I noticed some problems,
the power supply overheats a lot and in recent times especially while game happens that fails to maintain the battery charge. Sometimes it just stops charging and runs out of battery in no time with obvious drops in framerates.
doing various tests on the cpu I noticed that it never reaches the frequency do boost on the single core, it stops to the maximum 4.2ghz with a core and for a short time then it begins to decrease quickly up to settle at around 3.6ghz. if I run the tests on all the cores it is stable at 4ghz (correct frequency) for the first 20seconds then again drops to around 3.4ghz ... all this is also noticeable during game sessions, there is an obvious drop in frame. all these tests were carried out naturally with the power supply connected.
Nothing to say about the video card, it works fine.
At the moment I'm out for work but I think I just return it or send it to assistance.

The boost clocks going lower after a while is normal - that's what boost clocks are. They boost for a certain amount of time, while power and thermal headroom allows. But Intel putting CPUs with more and more cores and higher and higher frequencies (all based on a fairly old architecture without major revisions) means that modern laptops don't boost to the max boost frequencies all the time, like maybe they used to.

That said, you shouldn't really get serious performance issues in games. If games are getting very stuttery as a result, that's not something I'd consider normal.

As you say, contact PCS support about it.

Let us know how things go.