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Recoil II 17.3" RTX 2070 Arrived


Can I suggest that those of you experiencing issues with the Recoil II phone PCS and discuss your concerns/issues directly with them?

It seems pretty clear that nobody on here has definitive answers to the issues some seem to be having, so a call to PCS is by far your best option. Note: Don't email them, pick up the phone and call, you'll get a faster and more in-depth response.

Do please let us know how you get on. :)


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From PCS Tech Support:

"I have spoken to our technicians and they have confirmed that new models of your laptop chassis, like yours, now have the toggle function between Game and Office mode. On older models of the chassis, they had the turbo mode for fans. "

So that's one factor you might want to consider when troubleshooting, yours isn't behaving as expected.


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Tanks for the info, I will talk to PCS about that, If it's like that I can't undersatand why I have the old chasis when I just recived the laptop the past week