Recoil IV - MUX power profiles


Last couple of days Ive been looking into the various profiles on using the MUX, to try and get the best balance of performace/battery life for my various use cases.

Office - 100W or 25w(ECO)
Gaming - 120W PL 1 and 2
TURBO - 120W PL 1 and 2

On Battery power, 50w across the board PL1 AND 2 (mux does nothing to change it) Cant set eco 25w mode on battery either.

Is this correct?

Surely it would make more sense with values like 30w, 50w 120w. The way it is set up now doesnt make any sense to me.

I hope someone can shed some light on whether this is correct, or it is not set up correctly, or at least if there is any logic behind these power profiles.

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I have a Vyper III, it should be the same system as your despite having a different chassis (TongFang if I'm not wrong).

I am not sure if MUX is related to power profiles. MUX is the hardware capability to switch between the iGPU and dGPU at hardware level, turning electronically off one each of component.

Power Profiles are related to CPU, nothing to do with MUX.

I have opened very similar thread few weeks ago (or maybe more), asking about these weird power profiles.
Mine are the same as yours: 100W for Office, Gaming 120W, Turbo 120W. The Eco mode is only available when on AC.
When on battery Office mode should be around 45W, this is due to Windows systems in general tends to perform slower when on battery, so that's why the higher wattage to compensate the loss of performance.

Other TongFang reseller customised these TDP values to more reasonable values, such as 45W for Gaming and 35W for Office Mode.
Don't why there's this discrepancy/difference with PCS. They are pretty useless, considering a TDP of 100W is very high per se, even higher if associated to a Office Mode.

These values are however correct, in the way they are the stock values. They left as the manufacturer set them in the BIOS.
To change them BIOS has to be modified as they work at hardware level unfortunately.

But you can have a nice working and safe alternative to create your own power profiles for different scenarios.

ThrottleStop is the way to go!

As TongFang chassis have voltage regulator unlocked, you can set your custom PL1 and PL2 values. The developer is working on creating different PL values for each profile, but it still a work in progress. You can spot this in the latest 9.3 version. He will probably implement it in the near future.
As I had just two PL values I read TS guide and discovered the ICCMax parameter, which allows you to limit the current to the CPU and this act similar to Power Limit for your CPU.


In my case I've set the ICCMax to 60A (165A is the default setting), which equals to about 45W (you can check the maximum value running TS Bench on all cores), reported in the main windows under the value PKG Power.

Speaking about PL TDP, these are my values (take them just as an example, I'm still playing with them):


Hope this helps! Let me know what are your thoughts.