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Recoil V 15.6"


I bought this laptop on 09-04-2021 and I received on 04-05-2021 so I'm really happy that the timing was respected and the packaging was great. The laptop is very solid and well constructed, I love the mechanical keyboard and I really like the esthetics. I'm really impressed of his performance (I've the version with 5900hx and 3070) and before this I cannot believe that a laptop could reach this peak of power. The battery is great and the charger works properly. I'm very satisfied and I'll buy from them in the future for sure!


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Hi @Vergaro98 - I have ordered the same machine (a Recoil with the 5900HX and 3070). I have a couple of questions:

  1. Does it ever miss keystrokes? I read in another review that it sometimes misses keystrokes unless the key is pressed right down. I understand that this could just be due to his/her typing style.
  2. Is the keyboard loud when typing?
  3. When the laptop goes in to "sleep" mode, does it wake up okay?


For my typing style I didn't have any problems; the keyboard isn't really loud, surely more than a membrane keyboard but nothing too serious. For sleep mode I never used it so I don't have any idea. The laptop works perfectly so I could assume that sleep mode works too but I can't confirm it because I don't have the laptop with me until Friday.