Review my Cuda/LLM box please


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Hello Folks,
One of my home servers just died (i5, Intel MB, 32Gb DDR2 I think, no graphics card). I am looking to replace it with a box suitable for doing LLM and Machine Learning work with Cuda for running on NVidia GPUs. For this reason I am looking for a decent number of cores, LOTS of memory, and capability to put in an NVidia graphics card. (A friend just upgraded so I am getting his RTX 2070 Super second hand).

Does this make sense to you?

I started off with the pre build and modified it as follows:
  • PCS 3312B BLACK CASE (It is going between two other black cases so so long as it can fit the graphics card and some SSDs I will be happy.
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5700 Eight Core CPU (3.7GHz/20Mb Cache/AM4) (Seems cost effective)
  • ASUS Prime B550-Plus (AM4, DDR4, PCIe 4.0) (Takes up to 128Gb memory)
  • 2x32Gb DDR4, 3200MHz (Allows me to get another 2x32Gb later on should I need to max out the memory)
  • Integrated Graphics Accelerator (Going to be looking at Graphics cards second hand)
  • 512GB PCS PCIe M.2 SSD (actually optional. I have a spare SATA SSD and lots of NAS space)
  • Corsair 550W CX PSU (Should I go for a 650, or higher considering I will be getting a "powerful" graphics card)
  • Motherboard Audio
  • Motherboard Gigabit LAN
  • Standard USB ports
  • No OS (I currently use Ubuntu 22.04 which I will install myself. )
  • No monitor, keyboard or mouse (I have them spare but frankly this will mostly be accessed via the network)
  • standard warranty and delivery
  • PCS FrostFlow 100 V3 CPU Cooler (120W TDP) (I am a bit ignorant about whether I need better than this)

This comes out at 603 inc VAT, plus whatever I spend on the second hand graphics card.

I would conside the "CORSAIR 3000D AIRFLOW MID TOWER GAMING CASE" if someone can explain the benefit. Is it just larger and thus more suitable for extra drives and such like? I used to get huge cases and even have a full tower one which is the height of a desk - but since I use NAS nowadays I don't need big disks in my machines, nor floppies, or DVD drives.


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By the way - I would like this to be as quiet as possible - The only thing I can change really is the CPU cooler.