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Review of Optimus ix 2019 February purchase


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Hi guys,

I recently bought this maxed out specced optimus ix laptop and after having used it for over two weeks here are my thoughts and experiences:
1. The drivers were not up to date so I updated the drivers.
2. The program called command center 2.0 that comes with the laptop is very glitchy. This software controls the fans and RGB keyboard. I believe it's because of this software I was having CPU heating problems. I've removed this software now and that is why you see the default blue light keyboard in the picture. So that's a huge bummer for me because I like the RGB lights but hesitant to use that software.
3. Keyboard is okay to type on and isn't very noisy
4. The power button isn't very clicky so you have to really push on it. It's a bit too soft and takes me a few tries to hit the power button. This is just me tho.
5. The battery pack is removable but it's got the rubber position thingy on it so if you use it without the battery, the laptop will wobble to one side. This is a dumb design decision to be honest. You are forced to charge the laptop and have battery in at the same time. I usually like to not have the battery in to prolong it's lifespan.
6. Trackpad is okay decent... At first I was having driver issues with it and had to reinstall the drivers to get it working.
7. Overall, it's a decent laptop with max specs but currently the windows OS has some faults. Like when you right click and choose new ... It takes 10-20 sec delay to show you further options. I'm not sure how to fix this yet.
8. It's generally quiet when not under pressure but sometimes when the fans kick in there is an annoying pitch sound I can't describe.
9. I would rate the laptop 8/10 and could recommend the laptop but you must know how to fix pc problems because you will get issues with the software.

Thanks for reading this review.



Thanks for the review! :)

I have some comments though...

It's not usually necessary to always be running the latest version of drivers. Most drivers don't need updating in the way that Windows and other software does, the only time you need to update drivers is if you're having problems with the device they manage or if you need the additional functionality provided in the updated driver (common with graphics card drivers). A driver that's old and fully functional is the ideal, because it's well tested code that does the job you need it to do.

Control Center is a required piece of software on Clevo laptops if you want to make use of hot keys and many other features (it's not just there for the keyboard lights). You can get the latest version for your chassis from the Clevo download site at You'll need the Clevo model number, it's on a plate on the bottom of the laptop.

Having a 'foot' on the battery is a pain, but it's a common feature on many laptops (not just those from PCS). Running with the battery out of a laptop is risky however if you get a mains failure. Laptops are not designed to fail safely when the mains goes off because they have a built in UPS - the battery. A mains failure with the battery out might well cause issues. In any case batteries degrade on the shelf too, so leaving it out for long periods won't extend it's life quite as much as you might think. Li-Ion batteries like to be kept cool, so a laptop cooling pad is a wise investment. Their life is not appreciably reduced by having the laptop plugged in all the time. My Optimus IV has been used plugged in for all of the (nearly) five years I've had it, but it's been kept cool and it still runs for well over an hour on battery alone. Had I messed and fiddled with charging regimes and/or leaving the battery out for prolonged periods I very much doubt that it's run time would be massively longer. Batteries will always fail before the laptop, no matter what you do, so it's wise to treat them as consumables.