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Review of Optimus Series Laptop with 17.3" HD screen, 16GB RAM, 512GB M.2 SSD


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Placed an order for a new PC Specialists laptop at end of April 2021 after my 10 year old Dell Inspiron finally gave up after a motherboard failure. Never had a PC Specialists machine before but the process was very simple from the start. I was kept informed of the build process every five days which was reassuring as I knew my order had therefore not been lost in the system - it took until June for the laptop to arrive due to shortages of components industry wide.

When it arrived, the laptop was very well packaged. The first thing I did was remove the back to insert the SSD from my old laptop. This was a breeze, 12 screws and I was in with direct access to drives and RAM - so easy compared to other well know brands. I removed the supplied M.2 drive to keep as a spare for when my SSD gives up in the future. I would have preferred not to have had to buy a laptop with any drive - perhaps something PC Specialists could introduce in the future.

Turned on the laptop, changed the boot device settings and then booted without any issues into my existing Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Operating System.

Keyboard is comfortable to type on and the keys seem strong and reliable - my old Dell keyboard had keys flying off all the time if I caught them at the wrong angle! High quality image from the webcam and a large 17.3 inch screen without any dead pixels.

This laptop is primarily used every day in a business and is on 24x7. I have disconnected the internal battery for now as I do not want battery health to degrade. It only takes a few moments to unscrew the case to plug the battery back in when needed. Why do case manufacturers not put a switch underneath to fully isolate internal batteries? I hope to get around 10 years out of the laptop, with a RAM upgrade half way through.

A few improvements could be made as touched on above but so far, very, very happy with PC Specialists.