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Review Vyper 15.6"


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This is my first custom laptop and all in all i consider it very good:

Vyper Series: Widescreen LED 45% NTSC full HD 15,6" (1920 x 1080)
Intel® Core™ i7 8750H 6 core (2,2 GHz, 4,1 GHz Turbo)
DDR4 SODIMM Corsair 2666 MHz 16 GB (2 da 8 GB)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti – RAM video 4,0 GB GDDR5 – DirectX® 12.1
SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2 250 GB, NVMe PCIe (fino a 3500 MB/R, 2300 MB/W)

Excellent performance thanks to i7, ddr4 2666mhz and 970 evo m.2. The laptop's design is beautiful and graceful, but not only, the chassis look solid and sturdy. Power cable and ethernet behind are useful. Display seems to be barely darker than expected but this aspect don't compromise the definition and the colors that look both good. The very luminous mechanical keyboard transmit an excellent sensation. The battery's life that is more or less of 3 hours. The downside are the speakers that transmit any type of sound too low and muffled.

In general I recommend it



Thanks for posting the review.

Details about screen, keyboard, speakers etc are often useful for people thinking of buying one, so it's always great when people share their experiences :)

What do you use the laptop for, out of curiosity?