RIP Vangelis


We love you Ukraine
This hits home.

Vangelis passed away today at the age of 79.

His catalogue is so huge, I know barely any of it.

But for me, the original Blade Runner soundtrack is the best soundtrack ever made, it was lightyears ahead of it's time which matched the film so perfectly.

Chariots of Fire also, I loved, remember seeing it in an old film by the same name when I was a kid and falling in love with that tune.


What a talent and what a terrible loss but also what a legacy he has left!
Blade Runner in my opinion is a masterpiece and the sound track is a big reason why.
Thank you Vangelis for the joy you gave us.
Had never realised he had done so few film scores but, every time I hear Vangelis, I can automatically hear the Chariot's of Fire theme in my head....only a few movies have that sort of association in my brain! And, by coincidence, have just bought the 4k version of Blade Runner and am watching it tonight :)
So ahead of it's time, everything about it, costumes, set design, social structure, language, music.... just everything came together for a perfect film.

Very much so.....the scenes with the vehicles flying is so ahead of other movies from that time...they don't look like they are models on strings etc like many movies of that time did


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Blade Runner was the second Blu-Ray I bought, after ET, another the other regarded Science Fiction film from 1982.

It's a shame the original release of Blade Runner was messy with the infamous narration, but eventually Ridley Scott managed to get it looking the was it should.