RTX 3080


я за україну ✊
@shaps Phone them and ask them for extra packing as you seen what happened to mine, couldn't do any harm.

Case is beautiful otherwise, good selection, I'm happy I chose this one after the other one went out of stock.

Just of phone to support, after 3hrs and 30mins wait, call took all of 10 mins, they are going to send out a replacement front glass panel, they have looked at the photos I put in the media section (thanks @scarpa1 for that idea) and they have said that having looked at the pictures and I've let them know within 14 days then if anything requires changing out etc then it won't affect the warranty, as they have put notes on my order to explain and link to images. It will be a case of just returning, they sort it and get it back, hopefully not as long as the 69 days

Back to giving it one more clean before I turn it on....wish me luck
Fingers crossed it’s all okay! 🤞


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I wonder if it's best to wait for the 3080 ti?
If PCS gets them will probably be a very small supply they get initially (as nvidia likely have a stock of 3080 TI's they're creating)

If we're still waiting for our current cards by the time they become available, I can imagine a lot of people still waiting will switch to the TI from their 3080/3090 order (I know I personally would want to), however if the supply of the new card stock is not in a large enough number, what will happen is that a few people will get the switch and then you're waiting again. Probably longer than before if you never switched in the first place.

Honestly, the situation really does make you reflect on how we've gotten ourselves (humanity) into this mess of a situation in the first place. I won't say more as it may become vitriolic, but I sure do hope that "tomorrow" is better than today.


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My pc has finally went into testing today after waiting on the phone for 2.5 hours to find out what’s happening but it should arrive on Thursday ready for the new year 🥳


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Ahhh sorry!!🥲 I’m really hoping they sort your order soon I’m just seriously impatient and couldn’t wait any longer 😂
Yeah been keeping an eye on stock alerts but always gone before I get a chance and I flat out refuse to buy from scalpers as they’re :poop:


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Yeah been keeping an eye on stock alerts but always gone before I get a chance and I flat out refuse to buy from scalpers as they’re :poop:
Yeah I actually went for a vision oc 3070 in the end that’s already arrived, I think I’m just going to use that till everything calms down as it’s definitely better than my iMac 😂


Nah it will be a case of undoing everything, sweeping it all out, putting it all back together and just before he turns it on....sees a little part on the side and thinks....where the hell does this go..
Where is Guilders, last we heard he was about to turn his glass filled PC on🤕

Running away from the glass when he turned it on last I heard 👀
I was just highlighting this fee. I've used 'buy now pay later' schemes with dozens of retailers. Never been charged an early settlement fee.

It's a cost to be aware of. Not everyone is spending £2k on a PC.

Not sure it was worth the sarcasm.
I've financed mine and I read the T&C and if anyone one is buying a pc that costs a small fortune anyway, £29 should not be that much of a big ask?


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Well it turned on, it's going through its setup. Is there any reason why it wouldn't work with displayport cable but does with HDMI