RTX 3080


FYI...Mine's been stuck at Awaiting Dispatch since 22 WD (which was Wednesdays). Rang PCS just now and the agent said that I was the second customer in the last 5 mins to have said that. He was going to check with their warehouse/dispatch team to see what's going on. Just to be safe, I'm going to update my order to a Saturday delivery.
I was the same, mine was shipped out this morning. Or at least fedex knows of it's existence.


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Yeah, zero complaints on the build time and all the customer service along the way.

My only issue is waiting until the 30th when it should arrive in Portugal. It's been an honour waiting with you all.


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My friends are making fun of me like "You probably got scammed LOL".

Got monitor, monitor arm, keyboard and new table and the only thing thats left is the pc itself ;(

Hope I can get it soon🤞🤞