RTX 3080


What's average wait time for a 3080 build atm? Currently at 15 WD - Pre Production
From what I can gather it looks to be around 25 WD.

Also checked PCS' average WD's to dispatch desktop PC's and its currently sitting at 27 days, and the average seems to be going down each day so looks like they are catching up on order slowly which is a positive. I'm sitting at 7 WD and hoping to receive my PC first week Nov fingers crossed!


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You'll get multiple emails.
1. Your order is now being assembled by one of our expert builders.
2. Your order has now entered the testing and configuration process.
3. This email is to confirm that your order is now awaiting dispatch.
and then finally....
4. Your order has been dispatched with <carrier>.


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I won’t be complaining


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