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What is the process of ordering a new GPU? Thinking ahead for the 40 series depending on how AAA games develop in a years time + ...


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Nvidia will definately launch the 4000 series Ada Lovelace in 4Q22. I'm sure they will be awesome given they will be based on the 5nm TSMC process node. Just look at what Apple is launching on the same TSMC node.

Of course, what most of us didn't realize is that the size of the process node directly impacts how long stock will be available for. For 8nm, it was 8ns before the bots got them. So for 5nm, expect stock to last about 5ns. Expect to spend even more time looking at "Sold out" messages.

And did I mention the price? Cheap they will not be.


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Thank you @Martinr36. I'm good with the mouse.

The strips, have to admit, are tempting. Assuming I can go for the cheaper option (i.e. RGB LED Lighting Pro) as the case already has all sorts of connectors?