RX 5700XT


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Edited to correct my inevitable confusions between RTX cards and RX .... XT cards - Seriously AMD, couldn't you manage to 'innovate' some different lettering?


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I think the XT is the throwback to the old Radeon GPUs from like early 2000s or so. Not ideal but that's what it is.

It's a bit of the bummer that the "Navi" is not 2080 competitor and also is not at the price we were expecting. However, for one I don't think they have to compete against top model from Nvidia. While it's great for marketing, in real world it's just a fraction of the market. Real profits are made in the mid and low tier. So having RX5700xt line on par with RTX2070 is just a perfect spot really.

Secondly the higher price to what we thought it would be. I hope is to react to most likely price war between AMD and Nvidia. If Nvidia drops price, AMD will be able to drop it too. If Nvidia will not do that, well AMD will just reap extra profit.

The way i see it... both RTX2070 and RX5700xt is an absolute perfect pick for up to 1440p gaming. 4K gaming is out of the budget for like ~95% of people out there anyway.

"Excitedly" awaiting real world benchmarks of this Navi tbh... will have to replace my GPU for Cyberpunk :p


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With Cyberpunk coming April 2020, just wait for the next round of GPUs after this one :p

*or the other next round of GPUs after this one. I assume you're not excited about the Turing refresh this month!

I'm not, though if it brings a smidge more performance per £, there's always that.


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I wish my budget could afford latest and greatest at the time. I kind of usually go for the previous gen but a higher tier. It doesn't always work that way tho. I may be making jump to 1440p for Cyberpunk too.. so, I better start saving money :)


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I got my EVGA RTX 2060 on 14th April. . . . So EVGA's 90 day step up programme seems likely to just pass me by.

Also it was one of the expensive XC Ultra ones which I got because it's meant to be quieter than the cheapo models, due to having twin fans and idle 0rpm. Except it has the issue known to EVGA 2000 series twin fan cards where the fans click really loudly when turning on or off.

Should have waited for Navi............


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£50 for a 10month gamble. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Which is kinda odd since I got a 'cyberpunk 2077' T shirt from redbubble a few months back, I was so excited!

I have no doubt it’s going to be impressive. Can’t wait for it!

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