Samsung 980 Pro - Heat spreader or not?


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Does anyone know if the Samsung M.2 SSD 980 Pro comes with a heat spreader or not? There doesn't seem to be an option on the configurator.

I have read various articles about M.2 drives getting very hot under load and can need a heat spreader. I am planning to use the M.2 for hosting the OS and also for photo-editing and as the main area for running the current game being played. But no video editing.

Case is a fractal define 7, so air flow is good. Hoping a heat spreader is not needed for me, but as there isn't an option wondered if it comes as standard anyway.

Thanks as always.

BTW: Interesting review of 980 pro here including benchmarks vs 970 pro (which seems better in some cases to the 980)


Doesn't show one with it on the samsung site



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I got my 980 Pro (1Tb) from Amazon and it did not come with a heat spreader. However, my motherboard, a ASUS ROG STRIX X570-F GAMING did have a spreader 'built in' to the enclosure the M.2 devices are installed in.
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