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Samsung Odyssey G5 27" - right choice?

Hi all,

I just pulled the trigger on a Samsung Odyssey G5 27" for £282 on Amazon. Need to give back the 1080P cheapo that I’ve been borrowing from work these past months. This is for my dedicated Flight Sim rig.

I would welcome people’s thoughts on whether I’ve made the right purchase…

My PC specs:
Ryzen 5800x with H100 Cooler
RTx 3070
32GB 3200mhz Memory
500GB M.2 (OS)
1TB M.2 (FS2020)

I have a budget of MAXIMUM £300 to spend on a monitor. My PC is a dedicated rig for FS2020. I fly VR 75% (Quest 2), and 2D the other 25%, so I want the best quality monitor I can get, but not looking to spend ££££.

My list of specs for the new monitor are:
  • 27" (due to available space I can’t fit bigger)
  • 1440P
  • VESA mount
  • Curved (I think!)
To me the Samsung G5 seems to be a good all rounder; well reviewed, ticks all the boxes, and is within my budget (even leaves some cash for a vesa wall mount!).

But, I forgot to ask the PC Specialist forum! So, thoughts? Have I made the right choice or have I missed any good alternatives at this price?

Remember that we’re talking about FS2020 here… so 60FPS is great, 144 is a pipe dream! But future-proofing is nice 😂

And sadly upping the budget isn’t an option any time soon, so it’s £300 max.

Many thanks,
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