Seeking advice with changing gpu

Babychino yolk

Bronze Level Poster
Hi guys, I'm receiving my rtx 3080 tomorrow and I'm quite unsure of what needs doing.

So I had the 2080ti rog strix but gave it to a pal, and I am now using a normal rtx2060.

To install the 2060 was a breeze, only took the 2080 card out and replaced with 2060, but not too sure how to do it now, with the 3080.

Am I required to take all 2080TI's cables out from the psu and insert new cables? Would that mean that I have to do any cable management, would I need any extra cables ? ( just checking so I can be prepared tomorrow), hopefully, I should receive all cables with the 3080

Can't wait for the card to arrive, waited 2 months

thank you in advance

Babychino yolk

Bronze Level Poster
Thank you kindly for both responses, can confirm that I've received a zotac edition, so it should be an easy one for me.

All the best!