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setting up 3 external monitors to a laptop...


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Hi, I bought a lenovo legion y540 with a rtx 2060 graphics card. I also bought 3 asus 24" monitors with hdmi & vga connections. I am not well up on technical stuff so hopefully someone here will be able to tell me what I need to buy. I day trade so monitors are not for gaming.

My ports are: usb typ c, mini dp, usb 3.1, hdmi, rj-45.

There are companies selling an MST usb type c to double hdmi hub. If I bought this and plugged the 3rd monitor into the laptop hdmi port!

From another company I could buy an MST usb type c to triple hdmi hub.

I also read you could buy a usb 3.1 to triple usb 3.1 and then buy a usb to hdmi adapter. Plug each ne of the adapters into the hub and then plug in the monitor hdmi to this.

Do I need MST? Maybe a splitter will do!

Any advice and links much appreciated.


If you read what it says on the product page it actually tells you how to connect 3 monitors. Bearing in mind things like miniDP to HDMi adapter cables exist.

Good luck :)