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SHOW OFF YOUR OLD PC/LAPTOP! Tell us why you are keeping it.


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Since I am a fan of old laptops and PC's ( I had new ones and expensive but they ended up in the trash with a reason). Not only of machines from 90's an 80's, but also oler than 10 years. Now I am using two laptops, one is Acer Aspire 4730Z, Fujitsu Siemens Amilo La1703 and Asus X51H. Also an old PC that actually is a mixture of everything :D ( Asrock motherboard, AMD Video, Intel processor ( I have another one the same configuration but with AMD processor ), I cant remember exact models now I have toi open it and see, but 3,1 Ghz 1 core processor 64 bit, 3 Gb of Ram, 256 of AMD Video, with win 7 is able up to 800 MB ( well it cant be performance, but ..hey I am not using it for games :D ).

1. Acer Aspire 4730Z - This is the latest laptop that I have bought for 50 pounds, model is from 2007. It is now with 3 GB of RAM, it can be upgraded with 4 GB, Intel T3200 with dual core ( WOOOOW :D ) 2,0 Ghz 64 bit, Video Intel GMA 4500M with dedicated 64 Mb of video but with Windows 10 installed have 1,5 Gb of shared video memory which for the tasks I use it and even for some games is quite enough, actually performs better than my wife's new 700 pounds business laptop... which should be better but.... Any way, I managed to install the Win 10 with no problems. It works perfect. I bought it because trough the years of experience with computers, this was one of the fines OLD models that actually works in nowadays quite good and is perfect for working even with graphical programs. I had laptop that was expensive and I got him for high performance stuff, but neither games, neither graphic programs ware runing good with it, it actually had Bluescreens and turned out that the graphic card was defected but the store didnt wanted to give me new one because, quote '' We didnt find anything wrong with the machine '', but how I did find the problem its a mistery :D So i pissed off and trow it away for garbage. No kiding :D My wife have new one and he died without warning.... It was not everyday in use it was only for watching movies and internet browsing... and blue screen after bluescreen..... Turned out to be deffective motherboard.. well the first year of use it was working but :D :D: D After the waranty over it died may be two months after that :D Sooo that is how I ended up with 3 old laptops and 3 old PC's :D
Intel Dual Core T3200 , 2.0 GHz ,1 MB L2 Cache,667 MHz
  • Intel GL40 Chipset motherboard
  • 2 GB DDR2 667 MHz Memory
  • 160 GB HDD Hard Drive
  • 8xDVD SuperMulti double layer Optical Drive
  • Wireless 802.11 b/g/ Draft-N ,56 Kbps Modem,Gigabit LAN
  • Intergrated Bluetooth 2.0
  • 14.1-inch WXGA CrystalBrite TF Display
  • Dolby Digital Stereo Speakers
  • 2 USB 2.0 Ports, S-Video Out
  • 5-in-1 Media card Reader
  • Originaly comes with Linux OS
  • Acer Crystal Eye Web Camera - My model is without the camera and the fingerprint reader.
2. Fujitsu Siemens Amilo La1703 - This one is a model from the 2005. I had the first one in 2008 with Vista preinstaled ( when it was still ''new :D '' ), after that I sold it but before 3 years i found two at hyper low cost ( 30 pounds for both ) and got them. Both are working, but I use the second one for spares. The LA1703 is with different variations, i prefered the one with AMD 2,0 Ghz processor which was better ( and yes you literally can bake eggs on the touchpad ). But who cares, it works and does not hold back! The problem with this one is that you must clean it up every month or two, because of the small holes for input air it causes real high temp and the a blue screen... But no worries after cleaning it up it works again like a charm. It comes with VIA 128 MB video chip... I must say for this really bad video card is working pretty good... I was ablee to play Star Craft 2..., well yeah was little glitchy ..but hey thats a old laptop :D. The board suppoirts officially up to 2 GB of ram, unofficially I am runing it with 3 GB of RAM :D plus virtual memory it is working fine. The drivers for windows 7 are not quite good, but still works fine for internet, movies, some games and graphical programs like photoshop, Adobe things and Power Suite video software. I must say that it works even faster with Win XP Sp3, really faster but due of ending the support allot of programs stoped working, also was unable to open allot of important for my work websites with new SSL protocols.... So I upgraded to Win 7. As far as I cnow it can work with Win 8 and works even better than 7, but I haven tested it yet. For shure does not work with 8,1 and 10. You can install them and use the default drivers, most of the things will work, but without the video drivers thing are bad. I tried numerous ways but no luck to run the video driver in win 10, other ways for browsing and simple programs was runing faster than XP and Win 7 even without the driver, but playng video specially youtube was a teribble thiung :D.

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo La1703 (Amilo L Series)
AMD Mobile Sempron 3200+
Graphics adapter
VIA S3G UniChrome Pro - 128 MB
15.4 inch 16:10, 1280 x 800 pixel, WXGA
Intel 945PM
HDD: 120GB,

3. Asus X51H - I have no clue the exact year of production, as far my memory goes is 2007 or 2006. This one is on my wife, but is actually pretty good too. I used it for some time at work ( graphics, older video rendering software, web, PC testing soft etc. ) and at all taksk performed verry well. It is originally coming with Vista, Upgraded to Win 7, but I really wanted to see how far... I tested different versions of win 8,1 and 10.... they didnt worked, it didnt started at all, with none of them. But I succeeded with the last Win 8 version and weirdly again it works better than 7 o_O I use to hate Windows 8........ I actually installed only the video drivers, all other ware build in the Instalation CD ..... And works awesome. They are with two processors: core duo 1,86 Ghz x86 and celeron 1.73 Ghz ( which is ours ). Sadly only 2 Gb of ram support ( I tried more, didnt work :D ) Its with Intel® GMA 950 Video card, 64 MB memory and again shared memory system, GMABooster works grate on that, with the Win 8 possibilites of ''shrinking the video'' , got olny 256 Mb as usable are 196 MB... Welll crack.. But still is enough for home use browsing and other.
I will paste only the link from ASUS com website to see all the specifications-


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I have a dell e6230. it's really battered, its fallen off my desk, been trodden on etc so may times.

it's just mainly for outlook, web browsing, and youtube. It perfectly well specced for my needs. My wife gives me a hard time, asks me why I'm so cheap and don't get a newer laptop. I just reply I don't need it.

I can't pull the specs just yet, they had an i3, i5, i7 version. Horsepower is very similar on all of them, I have the i3 versions. I have considered geting the i7 version many times. Problem is the i3 version I have now doesn't have much resale value as it's knackered.

my desktop is a self built machine i5 2500K, 16gb ram HD 78XX gpu. I play civ 5, rust (sometimes), mostly play red alert 2 and other legacy games so does me fine.