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Skyrim Creation Kit and Official HD Texture Pack :D


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Hey all, just to let anyone playing skyrim know that has not yet seen it there is an official HD Texture Pack released on steam you can find it in the Skyrim DLC (it's free ;) ) also anyone who mods or makes mods the creation kit has also been released on steam.


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I installed the texture pack but to be completely honest I see no difference. They're checked in the Data files list on the launcher, graphics settings both in-game and on the launcher are all on the highest (inc ini draw distance modifiers)


There are some good comparisons on what the texture pack improves! It probably changes a lot but it's hard to notice without the original there to compare it to.


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Yeah the texture pack looks more limited to certain things like the weapons and armour but has subtle changes elsweyr (see what i did there ;) ) if you have a look on the steam forums link at the side of the game some people have put some pictures up to show the difference.