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Sound Card and Completely Removing Drivers


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My Xonar DS has been problematic since day one, but I got it to work eventually.
But I was never able to open the Audio Center, and so today I went in to Programs & features, went to Asus Xonar and tried pressing the Uninstall/change button expecting to be given some options, no menu popped up but instead it uninstalled without any means of cancelling it and didn't ask for confirmation to uninstall.
After that it prompted to restart, when the PC started back up it was slower, and Aero themes were completely unable to be used and forced in to basic.
Tried disc re-installation, it fails to install (Says please plug in audio device, although it was detected in Device Manager).

Looked it up, apparently the card is a common pain across the internet. Read about disabling Onboard sound in BIOS, this worked to restore the themes, but sound card wouldn't work, disc installation failed still, drivers direct from Asus site also failed.

I tried removing the sound card and placing it in to the other free PCI slot, no win there still (When the computer powered back up and I logged in, it searched for drivers to install, failed eventually).
So now I've removed the card from the computer, re-enabled onboard sound, but now the theme is back to basic again.
I read something about drivers can interfere like that if Onboard is enabled and you use another soundcard, so I'm wondering if that might be the case.

Basically, I want to know if there are any ways to be rid of the drivers and any files that would remain on the PC for the DS soundcard in hopes it clears up the issue with the theme (Which seems to coincide with the PC starting up slower). I can make do with the onboard sound, but I want the theme to not be forced in to basic along with the slow startup/log in.

Unless there are other potential ways to resolve this that anyone may know of? Extremely frustrated.


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I've put the sound card back in to the PCI it was originally and it has begun working again, theme is back to normal too. But obviously still without the audio center, and no idea how I might resolve that considering the CD has been no help.


This sorted it all out for me:

I had to choose the 1.71, now the audio center is there and actually opens now.
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