Space X Starship Test Flight

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An incredible shot of Starship 28 lighting it's engines while still on top of the Booster for stage separation..,

Superheavy Booster 10 made it back to have a hard landing in the ocean of the Gulf of Mexico, last data shows it hit the ocean at a speed of 1112 km/h,

Starship 28 is still in space running though some tests before it due to come back.


Starship 28 has been lost during re-entry, likely it broke up, making its way back,

Last views of Starship 28 as it started its re-entry before signal blackout...
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Starship news...
Starship Test Flight 4 should be ready to fly within the next month or two, Starship 29 and Superheavy Booster 11,

The big news is coming for test flight number 5, Starship 30 and Superheavy Booster 12,
This one is going to be the one to watch, SpaceX will have their very first attempt to mid air catch Superheavy Booster 12 with the launch tower arms,
This is going to be a game of hit, miss or catch🫣, either they'll hit the tower, miss the tower, or catch it, hopefully they catch it🤞.

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An amazing Starship test flight🥳,

Starship Superheavy Booster 11 lost one engine on liftoff,

Superheavy Booster 11 made a successful soft landing in the Gulf of Mexico ocean...
brief video of this..

SpaceX Twitter Video, Superheavy Booster 11 soft ocean landing

Starship 28 also only just made it back to have a soft landing in the Indian ocean,
Starship 28 took a hell of a beating coming through earth atmosphere on re-entry.

Twitter Video, Starship 28 taking a re-entry beating

Last view/video of Starship 28 front flap damage just before the soft landing in the Indian ocean,
Unbelievable this front flap was still working despite the damage it had...

Twitter Video, Starship 28 front flap damage,

I can't wait for SpaceX recap video for this test flight.