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A couple from Mobile Fidelity. These are supposed to be the best version of Bob's stuff available currently

Blood on the Tracks - 2 x 45rpm

Blonde On Blonde - 3 x 45rpm box, I've got a 2022 Vinyl Me Please mono version of this, but it's really not very good, sounds too shrieky and bright. This version is supposed to be much better.

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This was this years Grammy awards which coincided with her 35th anniversary of being awarded her Grammy. She hadn’t done a live performance for years.

I have nothing but respect for Tracy Chapman. You listen to the lyrics of this song, it’s so utterly down to earth and honest. There are very few artists who can achieve that.


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Postie was supposed to delivery some of these on Saturday but they cancelled last minute

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Top left to bottom across to right

George Michael - Faith 1987 UK Original press. The George Michael stuff is rarely repressed and becoming more and more difficult to get at reasonable costs. Saw this for a steal of a price and snapped it up, it's in fantastic condition.

Pulser - Electric Music Volume 1

Moby - Reprise Remixes

Moby - Reprise

Black Lab - Your Body Above Me

Bob Dylan & The Band - Before The Flood, a Mofi version, live recording

Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits, Mofi version again.

And these take me over the 1500 records milestone! Much dancing to ensue!

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This for me is a grail record, I've been after one for a long time.

This is James Brown Live At The Apollo, the 1965 Stereo Reissue. And if you look closely at the photo, this IS STILL SEALED!!! Never been opened! A couple of minor tears in the shrink.

This was recorded live in 1962 but not released until 1963, this was rated as the best live recording of all time by Rolling Stone mag in 2015. James was the one who pushed really hard with the label to get this released, and it was all financed by James himself (King didn't think it would be profitable and for a long time refused to put it out), and it paid off massively, this was the record that launched him into the stratosphere and essentially created what a live album would be from then on.

Most of the early copies are Mono and I really wanted the Stereo which is why I got the later reissue. King records had real issues with quality control, and it wasn't unusual to get a brand new copy scratched up and sounding terrible out of the factory. It wasn't until about 1965 that they started sealing records in shrink wrap which is another reason I went for this version, as otherwise you're very likely to get a crappy copy even if it's classed as Mint or Near Mint. You take a risk either way, but I got lucky, this one sounds fantastic!

They actually lost the master tapes for this in about 1968, and they weren't found until 1989 which is when they put out the first CD copy, because they only had tape copies and the quality was pretty terrible. Subsequent reissues though I believe are all digitally sourced, so you really have to get a pre 1968 copy.

There's a really good article in the Library of Congress if you want to read it: https://www.loc.gov/static/programs...ard/documents/Live-at-the-Apollo_Fauthoux.pdf

James Brown is probably my favourite artist of all time, closely connected to Louis Armstrong.

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Couple of good ones

I've been watching quite a few documentaries on Layne Staley, the lead singer of Alice In Chains, as it was recently the 30th Anniversary of Jar Of Flies, a lot of content was flashing up on my YouTube.

I never knew this album existed at all.

This was a one album effort of a supergroup of:

Layne Staley (Alice In Chains) - Vocals
Mike McCready (Guitarist) - Pearl Jam
Barret Martin (Drums) - Screaming Trees
John Baker Saunders (Basist) - Founder of the band.

Released in 1995, this was just before the final performance for Layne in 1996 for MTV Unplugged before he cut himself off from the outside.

I had no idea this existed at all, the original 1995 copy is crazy money, around £600 for a sealed copy, and I don't think many were produced, this is a 2013 US Remaster done by Kevin Gray which is supposed to be very nearly as good as the original and normal cost. I just stumbled across this copy as it's quite hard to find, found one last copy at one of my favorite online shops.

No idea what this is like, but it's definitely a piece of musical history

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And I don't normally get records like this, but all these are demo quality recordings pressed by QRP (Analogue Productions).
It's got loads of different genres from Blues to Classical to Jazz, all insanely good recording that can help highlight if you're system is properly setup.

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Couple today

Global Underground - Joris Voorn Rotterdam GU43, this is a new DJ set series I've just found, Joris Voorn is quite groundbreaking but very little of his stuff is on vinyl, so amazing to find this. They've got some of the biggest current DJ's doing pretty incredible sets so am collecting as many as possible

Fideles - Night After Night, an Afterlife EP

Argy - New World, an Afterlife album

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The original European 1989 copy of the Road House soundtrack, STILL SEALED! Love finding these sealed copies! Price was good too.

Alice in Chains - Facelift, 30th Anniversary remaster which gets amazing reviews, in the runouts it's done by Chris Bellman which is why, he's one of the best in the world.

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A few more Global Underground sets. I don't know how I've not come across these til now, they've been going since early 2000's or so and most of them are big time DJ's. They're all quite limited releases though and seem to sell out quite fast, so I leapt on the ones still available direct and will try to grab some of the older ones on the used market.

Danny Tenaglia - Brooklyn GU45 (Edition 1)
Danny Tenaglia - Brooklyn GU45 (Edition 2)
Patrice Baumel - Berlin GU42
Amelie Lens - Antwerp GU44

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