SSD Boot & Apps Drive - how big do I need to go?


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I've just ordered a new pc from PCS and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

During my research, I looked at getting an SSD put in by PCS, but pricewise, I figured I'd hold fire and do a self install later.

I'm just wondering if anyone can give the benefit of experience on sizing an SSD drive to use as the main boot & apps drive, with everything else on normal SATA drives?

I had a little look around my office PC and current home PC for benchmark folder sizes, so I reckon I'd be looking at:

OS (Win 7 Pro) - ~17-20GB
Apps - ~8-12GB

(NB - User folders would be directed to a HDD)

I'd also be interested to know what recommendations people have for an SSD. The Intel X-25M and OCZ Vertex 2 series of drives appear the most popular (and PCS sell them so they must like them!), although the specs of the Intel SSDs seem lower. However, I've seen some reviews saying that the Intel is better despite this.

Many thanks for any feedback.

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Hands down the vertex 2 is the most popular as its the best for the price. For %systemdrive% i wouldnt really go below 60Gb. Even then you will have to change the default install path for most programs.


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Cheers Gorman

I've been leaning towards the Vertex 2 series, and probably a 120GB version, as that should allo plenty of headroom etc.

There is a new generation 3 series of the Intel's due out before Christmas apparently, with much higher capacities for the same sort of price, which may just mean I hold fire for a month or two, unless I can bring myself to shell out £200-300 now on one......



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Ah the enthusiast condition.

Pc tech is like that, everything flies past at a million miles an hour and as soon as you jump in your stuck at that point in time. The problem being i absolutely guarantee you if you wait for the new release a better one will be announced in the meantime prompting you to wait.

There are three solutions:

1. Constantly upgrade
2. Never purchase anything
3. Jump in and be happy with your choice

I constantly live in this limbo.


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The crucial C300 is supposed to be the fastest SSD available right now, might not be as cost efficient as the vertex and intel ones though.