SSD to HDD (Steam)


My Dad has bought me a new PC and i have downloaded steam along with a few other games. When i went to download a game a while back i realised that my SSD was full so i moved some of my games over to the HDD but kept STEAM in the SSD. Today i went to download another game which requires more disc space then i have in my SSD which is the file i want to put the new game in.

My question is how easy is it to move the STEAM file from the SSD to the HDD because it is taking up 251GB (too much).
I moved my Steam folders from my ssd to my M.2

i only had a few games, so i just cut the folders from one to the other, then just changed the drive letters so the location looked the same. Then is steam you can check the integrity, any issues and it re downloads the files its missing, it was a couple of files and took about 10 mins.

maybe i was just lucky.