Swimathon 2014.


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Well, I've spent too long over the past 18 months on my backside (a state of affairs for which the Fat Cow below is partly responsible, alas) and as such am now a bit of a Fat (deleted).

Accordingly, I have decided to attempt the Swimathon again next year in April. Basically, it's a 5-kilometre swim for Marie Curie Cancer Care. That's 200 lengths of a 25 metre pool, or 100 lengths of London Fields Lido which is where I do it. I last did it in 2011, when I took 1 hour 56 minutes. I couldn't do it in 2012 as a family thing came up at short notice that weekend and in 2013 I had a bit of a surgical matter which resulted in me being "holed below the waterline" if you know what I mean and thus swimming was off the cards in case the site got infected.

I'll post a link closer to the time when donations become open. Mods, please take note that I accept corporate sponsorship so if you want me to tape a PCS logo to the back of my jammers PM me to work out a deal :p

Is anyone else doing this, or has done this in the past, and if so, please post your times etc.
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Watch your language please,these are family forums.
having said that I would gladly donate to your sponsorship.
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Actually, I may have told a slight lie in this thread. Next year it'll be for Sport Relief, not Marie Curie Cancer Care. Last time I did it it was for them, now apparently it isn't.

I'll still do it anyhow.