Swollen battery recks brand new (in 2016) Macbook pro. | PCSPECIALIST

Swollen battery recks brand new (in 2016) Macbook pro.


I just got my Son a 15" macBook pro retina etc, for £1600 or so. One week later the battery expands and recks it.

I google about and discover that this really is a thing that happens to macBooks quite a bit. I think this is ludicrous, they should at least have a thicker version with the battery plugged in at the back like on a laptop. He chose it over a windoz pc, because they don't seem to last very long before slowing to a crawl, plus the music software required.

He has serious deadlines, it has messed up tonights performance, has has a major one in a few days. I think apple should at least put a warning on their website. I thought 'pro' was short for professional, but it does not look like it. He is going into an apple shop tommorow. I don't understand why Apple are selling laptops that selfdistruct.



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Probably down to heat. Generally it's not recommended to use a laptop on your lap if this was the case. Your legs can cover up all ventilation areas very easily.