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System detected other motherboard


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Hi, i got a problem. A few programs detected my MOBO as a B150 but i have h110m. Could it be any problem? How to repair that?
In CPU-Z my CPU is jumping from 0,7 ghz to 3,7ghz is it normal?
In RAM section i got 4 slots (my rams are on first and 3th one) but i have only 2 on my mobo. Is it normal? Im beginner in PC building so it is hard for me.
Msi h110m pro-vd
2x8GB DDR4 Kingston Hyperx fury CL 14 2133
Vero L1 600w
Sapphire RX 580 4gb nitro +
SS from CPUZ:
Thanks for help and sorry for my english but im from Poland and i don't speak it very well.


As PCs sell custom desktops and laptops we can’t advise on self builds or competitor builds, you may want to check out toms hardware which is an open forum.